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Corporate Diary Guide

Choosing the right Diary

When choosing a corporate diary for clients or for staff there are so many aspects that you need to consider.  A seasoned diary purchaser may take this task in his or her stride however for some it is a world of confusion.  Below we have listed the main aspects of your diary decisions to try and make this process clearer.  Don’t forget our team are experts can help guide you through the process if you want some additional help.

What’s the cost?


The costs vary from diary to diary.  Why don’t you browse our collection and submit some items in an enquiry.  We have tried to make this as easy as possible.  Or if you prefer, get in touch using the details below.

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Or email on: info@obrienprinting.com

Stage 1 – Finding the right size


Select SizeAt O’Briens we offer a range of sizes for you to choose from.  To make things easier we have broken down our diaries into Desk Diaries, Pocket Diaries and Wirebound Diaries each with their own sizes.  Before choosing a size you need to consider who it is for and what you hope they will be using it for.  Something small is great for peoples pockets and something larger is great for office planning.  At the end of the day the choice is yours.  You can choose from:

  • A4
  • A5
  • A6
  • Exec
  • Slim
  • Handy

Stage 2 – Selecting a Page Layout


Page LayoutsThe page layout of your diary is critical to how the diary will be used. Another major factor that comes from layout selection will be the final thickness of your diary, so bear this in mind when selecting how many days you want on each page. We offer a large range of different page layouts that vary based on the size you choose from above.  Whether it be 1 page per day, week to view or 2 pages per day – we have the layout that is perfect for your diary.

For more details on page sizing check out our page layout guide for more information.  All of our layouts are available in cream or white.



Stage 3 – Choosing a cover


We have a massive range of covers and colours for all markets and occasions. We offer a fantastic range of standard covers such as the Baladek. We also stock a mesmerising selection of Deluxe covers that have that extra special finish for those looking at a more exclusive touch. You can see our deluxe covers by looking for the deluxe badge in the main diary pages.

Don’t forget our wide range of customisation options that are available to you which we talk about next. If you are really thinking outside of the box why don’t you go for one of our bespoke custom covers for a real impact diary.



Stage 4 – Choosing your optional extras – making your diary special


Optional ExtrasOnce you have got the basics covered why don’t you think about customising your diary.  At O’Brien Diaries we can customise everything from the front cover and inside page to adding gold corners and printing individual names.  Don’t be scared about asking how much these elements cost as you will be surprised how little this affect techniques cost.

Customising your diary can really boost the effectiveness of the product.  Getting your corporate identity and products into a tool a person uses every day is as affective now as it was in days gone by.

Have a look at our optional extras page for more details on what we can offer.

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