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OBrien Diaries

Specialist Diary and Calendar Manufacturers


Our Modern Manufacturing Facility

Diary Production

High quality printing machines up to B1 size are followed by automatic folding, gathering and computerised book sewing machines.

An automated book block line produces large volumes of diaries for final finishing operations.

Edge gilding, ribbon markers and gilt corners are also fully mechanised operations, 4 foil blockers and 2 case-binding lines finish off the main components of our Diary bookbindery.

Loose leaf diary production is situated in a dedicated second floor department.

The Factory in West Dublin

Attention to Detail

Quality Litho Printing

Computerised Book Sewing

Modern Digital Printing

Book Binding

Gilding Diary Page Edges

Full In-House Design

Gathering Machine

Calendar Production

A collection of multi-colour Litho Printing Machines plus the latest in modern Digital Printing - allows us to offer maximum Flexibility and Customisation on Wall & Desk Calendars, for large or small quantities. An automated page-collating and Calendar binding line delivers the calendars to its quality control and dispatch department for final packing.

Quality Control - all in house

With the above equipment at our disposal and with the necessary operational skills, we have the ability to keep tight quality control of production on all our products from start to finish - all in house.

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